Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a special number to call after hours?

A HiNursing coordinator is available 24/7 at 808.356.HELP.

Who should I call if I am unable to make a scheduled shift?

Please call a HiNursing coordinator at 808.356.HELP.

How can I pick up extra shifts?

Please call a HiNursing coordinator at 808.356.HELP.

Does HiNursing work with travel nurses?

Yes, HiNursing works with travel nurses

Do I need a minimum number of shifts?

No, there is no minimum number of shifts.

How much and when will I get paid?

Competitive pay rates are determined by your medical license category. Weekly and daily pay is also available.

Does HiNursing offer benefits?

HiNursing believes our employees are our greatest investment. Therefore, we offer medical, TDI, worker’s compensation insurance and 401k. Our benefits also include accrual of vacation pay, paid holidays and referral bonuses.

What documents and certifications will be required when I apply?

When you apply with HiNursing, please show proof of Hawaii certification or licensure, a recent physical, TB test, and CPR certification. We will also verify your previous work experience, work-related references, and complete a criminal background check and drug test.

Does HiNursing place ‘home’ nurses?

Our sister company HiHomeCare places medical professionals in home care settings.

How do I apply?

Please call or email us at: 808.356.HELP or to set up an appointment.